TitleDissertatio generalis in Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum: cum variis lectionibus, ex codicibus manuscriptis et impressis
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1783
AuthorsKennicott, Benjamin
Series EditorBruns, Paulus Iacobus
City Brunovici

Related manuscripts

Shelfmark Material nature General description
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 48 Codex Miscellanea: ff. 1-64v: Writings (Psalms, Job) ; ff. 64v-110r: a text (according to Steinschneider תגנים) with a commentary; ff. 110r-118r: a commentary on Psalms (anonymous); ff. 118r-233v: Dictionnary (Menahem ben Saruq)
MS London Ar. Or. 2 Codex Pentateuch (with Targum in the margin), Haftarot and Five Megillot in the margin; Vowels, Accents ; no Masorah provided.
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 25 Codex Torah, Haftarot, Megillot, Job with Targum Onkelos
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 9 Codex Prophets
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 26 Codex Torah, Haftarot, Megillot, Job with Targum Onkelos
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 8 Codex Pentateuch (Gen 1:1 to 1:30 missing - see PU 2); Five Scrolls (?) with at least the beginning of Canticles (f. 128r-128v) and Esther only the end (f. 129r-129v); Haftarot following German rite (f. 130r-174r - f. 174v blank); Jeremiah (f. 175r-181v) lacunary after Jer 13:11; Job (183r-198v)
MS Hamburg Cod. Hebr. 1 Codex Torah (with Targum after each Hebrew verse), Megillot, Haftarot, Job, Masorah.
STAATSBIB. Ms. Ham. 80 (2) MS Berlin Ms. Ham. 80 (2) Codex Latter Prophets and Writings
MS Vatican City BAV Vat. ebr. 468 Codex Tanakh with vowels, accents and Masorah.
BAV Vat. Ebr. 482 MS Vatican City Vat. Ebr. 482 Codex Tanakh: Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos (copied an anonymous scribe); Prophets and Writings (copied by Hayim ben Isaac)
MS Parma 2812 Codex Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos / Five Scroll
MS Parma 3079 Codex Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos