TitleThe only dated medieval Hebrew manuscript written in England (1189 CE) and the problem of pre-expulsion Anglo-Hebrew manuscripts
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsBeit-Arié, Malachi, Menahem Banitt, Zefira Entin Rokéaḥ, and Valmadonna Trust Library
Number of Pages90
PublisherValmadonna Trust Library
KeywordsBible, Codex Valmadonna, Great Britain, Jews, Manuscripts, Hebrew

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MS London Valmadonna 1 Codex Pentateuch, Five Scrolls, Haftarot
MS Jerusalem NLI 34°5827 Codex Torah (Pentateuch) with vowels, accents and Masorah. The Ms. Jerusalem 34°5827 is undated but very similar to the Ms. Valmadonna 1 (England? 1189).