TitreCatalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts preserved in the USSR. Part 2. Ginze Russiyah. Contains Facsimiles of Genizah Manuscripts of Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrashim, Halakah, Liturgy and Judeo-Arabic from the Antonin Cairo Genizah Collection in Leningrad. Includes Part of Ben Asher’s Bible Codex (B19a) of the Firkowitch Collection which was copied in Old Cairo in 1008/9 A.D.
Type de publicationBook
Année de publication1958
AuteursKatsh, Abraham Isaac
Series TitleNew York University Libraries, Occasional Papers 4
ÉditeurNew York: New York University Library of Judaica and Hebraica
Mots-clésRussie, St. Petersbourg