TitreThe Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to Kittel-Kahle's Biblia Hebraica
Type de publicationBook
Année de publication1957
AuteursWurthwein, Ernst
Edition1st edition
Number of Pages168
ÉditeurThe Macmillian Company
ISBN Number978-0-631-05130-5
RésuméThis book is a kind of illustrated supplement to the great Kittel-Kahle Biblia Hebraica. The author found that many students were unable to avail themselves of the wealth of material provided in Kittel-Kahle because they were not sufficiently familiar with the history, Characteristics nad problems of the various witnesses to the text, nor with the methods of textual criticism. The prefaces to the Biblia Hebraica, valuable as they are, do not provide a complete introduction nor do the many 'Introductions' to the Old Testament give an account of all the material referred to in Kittel. This work attempts to provide the reader with the necessary information, giving not merely basic facts, but also as far as space allows, some insight into the most important problems. This book includes forty-four plates providing a good selection of illustrative materials, and the author in choosing the plates has preferred to use the less accessible manuscripts.
Short TitleThe Text of the Old Testament